A tumblr for game-related photos! Recreations, conceptual photography and in-game props!
Trying to bring out some of the less known pictures to the recognition zone!
Setting the Vidya into Real Life. ( Credited works with a link-through unless the credit is unknown - please send a pm with the proper source )
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Ellie’s bag clip in The Last of Us! I just finished the game this weekend! OH MY GOD ITS SO GOOD <3 

I fucking love NaughtyDog, such an amazing company!!

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My personaly best of from our Bioshock Shooting :D

Photos taken by canifice

Myself as Jack Ryan 

GaChan89 as Atlas

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Phi || Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward

Phi: Steph (me) (tumblr | DA)
Luna: Kimmy (tumblr | DA)

Photography: Eleventh Photograph & Mimi

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(University self managed project) Bioshock (Game) recreation.

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